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East Garrison - Meet The Nunes'

Gently nestled along the golden hills of John Steinbeck’s Country, amongst grand live oak trees and sprawling spring wildflower fields, resides the suburban community of East Garrison. Once belonging to the military base Fort Ord, East Garrison is now used by many as a gateway into the Fort Ord National Monument. Visitors utilize the park as hikers, bikers, equestrians and photographers.

It is here, in this hidden Monterey County sunset paradise that I decided to photograph the two most influential people in my life. My husband, Cody, and our not-so-baby-anymore baby, James. These boys are my world. They fill my heart, soul and laundry basket.

Marina Father and Son Sunset Session

East Garrison is only a few miles, down winding Marina roads, from where Cody and I first met. From a middle school acquaintance to high school sweethearts and now lifelong partners, we have literally grown up together. Oh, young love and how it matures.

Peering at James through my lens, I couldn’t help but think of him as an embodiment of his parents’ love. His wild and free ways will establish itself as confidence and passion with every growing year. The setting suns’ light warmly embraced his little figure. It was so easy to get captivated in the moment when the light was just perfect.

Our photo session was filled with laughter and motion, connection and bokeh. On our walk out of the East Garrison fields and back into reality, I couldn’t help but feel gratitude for this family I am lucky enough to call my own.

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