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Fish On! Yuma's Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex (PAAC) Pond

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

When my eyes gaze towards my husband I can’t help but remanence. It sounds cliché, but it seems like yesterday that we were kids ourselves. Fast forward a decade, almost two, and here we are raising up a beloved child of our own. In a blink of an eye the boy of my first childhood love has transformed into a man, husband and father.

Maturing, mentally and physically, with your life-partner has many pros and cons, many of both. One of the most enjoyable parts is being a witness to major life transitions. And undoubtably my favorite is the transformation Cody underwent when he became a father to our son James.

Their bond is hilarious, fervent and transcendent. Their bond to witness is humbling and awe inspiring. But then again, I am both mother and wife so I may just be a smidge biased.

One of their treasured pastimes is fishing. They. Love. It! And when in Yuma, we often frequent several spots, including the Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex Pond (PAAC Pond).

The PAAC Pond is great for several reason. Let me count the ways. It’s…

1. Mostly enclosed by a fence, which is great for parents with young children.

2. Close to the Yuma Palms. AKA it’s close to food.

3. Has picnic tables and benches.

4. Stocked frequently with trout, catfish, sunfish and bass. Check out this PDF for more specific information on their stocking routine (

5. Close to fishing gear suppliers.

6. You can meet great anglers and people. Many of my favorite stories and conversations have happened around the PAAC Pond.

By far the greatest catch of my life has been Cody. Cody never ceases to amaze me. Don’t get me wrong, there are times where I make the conscious decision to turn a blind eye. He is but human after all. But for the significant majority, he has been exceptional.

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