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Morgan Hill - Julie's Growing Family

Sometimes being the perfect mom has nothing to do with actually reaching perfection. Ironically, perhaps, it has to do with embracing imperfection. It is about allowing moments that challenge us to educate us, to better us, to change us. It is in moving towards progress and forgoing the daunting, ever changing, idea of perfection that we are able to manifest the best in ourselves. Being a mother is the most challenging role I have yet taken on in my life, but it has equally been the most rewarding.

Julie, is a mother after my own heart. I look at her as a quintessential mom. Liz and I were ecstatic when Julie asked for us to be her maternity photographers. We jumped at the amazing opportunity to capture such an amazing mother-with-child, her husband, and their energetic, larger than life 2-year-old son.

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